Article Feb 21, 2017

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Aaron Paul gagged over 'nasty' snake mess on The Path set

Aaron Paul was constantly covered in snake feces during the production of his TV show The Path.

The 37-year-old actor is back as Eddie Lane in the second series of the Hulu programme, which picks up after the character questioned his faith in the fictional Meyerism spiritual movement after a trip to Peru.

In a poster for the new episodes Aaron poses on the ground surrounded by plants and a huge snake by his side. And the Breaking Bad star reveals that working with the reptile caused him lots of problems.

"He's a big part of the second season... S**t all over me, all the time," Aaron sighed on talk show Conan. "That snake they constantly put on me, especially that day (for the poster), it just liked to go to the bathroom on me. It has a terrible smell, it's white, it's nasty. And I have this really embarrassing gag reflex - if something disgusting happens in front of me I just start dry heaving."

It wasn't the first time Aaron struggled to control his bodily functions as he recalled filming 2014 movie Exodus: Gods and Kings proved to be just as much of a challenge. Despite the religious themes of the film, with Christian Bale portraying Moses, Aaron admits the set was far from sacred behind the scenes.

"(We) were parting the red sea and all the camels and all the horses were so terrified by the current that this row of jet skis was causing (that they) were just s**ting all over the place," he quipped.

"We were shooting in this little cove for two solid days - it was a toilet bowl, I mean it was disgusting. So any time we'd hear 'cut' I'm walking back with the horses and I'm just dry heaving and Christian's just laughing at me. It was great."