Article Dec 20, 2016

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Alexa Chung: 'I always sleep in my make-up!'

Alexa Chung aims to go to bed looking like a "babe".

The British It girl always has a flawless complexion, whether it’s on the red carpet or out and about during her time off. However Alexa has a very simple routine when it comes to looking after her skin, and isn’t even worried about sleeping with cosmetics on.

“I sometimes wash my face, but that’s kind of rare. I wash it in the shower in the morning,” she told, admitting she doesn't always wash her face before lights out. “I want to go to bed looking like a babe. I don’t want to go to bed with no make-up on.”

She takes things a little more seriously now though, after being told by a facialist that using oils aren’t great for hydrating the skin. Apparently they act as a barrier and stop any nourishment from getting in - meaning Alexa now applies the oil at the end of her regime.

The brunette beauty is equally as relaxed about her locks, revealing she simply washes her hair and “hopes for the best”.

Those looking to channel the star’s chic aesthetic can do so through shopping app, Villoid, which is similar to Instagram but allows users to purchase and follow the goods seen in the photos.

“The app was an opportunity to democratize fashion, in a way, because it’s somewhere girls can hang out and talk about clothes and start their own community, but also showcase their style without the pressure of having to buy anything or actually wear anything,” she explained. “So it’s a platform for self-expression, communication, and fun, essentially, but should you want to buy anything, you can!”