Article Dec 18, 2016

You are no longer passing

Alicia Keys: 'Pressure to look good makes you introverted'

Alicia Keys’ decision to stop wearing make-up was a reaction to the pressures placed on her as a youngster.

The 35-year-old singer stopped wearing cosmetics earlier this year (16) and first explained her reasoning in a post on Lena Dunham’s trailblazing website Lenny Letter, saying she no longer wanted to be a part of promoting unattainable beauty.

Now Alicia has spoken out about her #nomakeup movement once again with The Edit.

“When you’re first figuring yourself out, you care so much about what people think of you. It’s the worst time. You become introverted and weird because you’re second-guessing yourself; you want to be everything that other people want you to be,” she sighed. “Then you become cloaked in this societal bulls**t that’s plonked in your lap and you spend the rest of your time digging yourself out. And that’s my conclusion for life.”

Alicia sports a fresh faced look for the accompanying photoshoot, with her make-up artist explaining that her flawless complexion comes down to diet, sleep, acupuncture and a jade skin-roller. The 35-year-old adds that she’s not that great at relaxing, but when she does get some down time, she indulges in massage and meditation.

Because the Fallin’ still looks so radiant without her face painted, many have slammed her movement as unrealistic for most women who have to rely on cosmetics to make their skin look as flawless as hers.

“I constantly ask myself if what I’m doing is for me or for someone else. You can convince yourself something is good for you, but is it really?” she mused. “So I ask, are you doing this for you, or because you feel like it’s the right thing for you? Lately, I’ve been exploring my relationship with myself. It’s tripping me out!”