Article Dec 26, 2016

You are no longer passing

Amy Schumer worried violent food poisoning would end her relationship

Amy Schumer feared her relationship was over when she was struck with violent food poisoning during a trip to Paris with her boyfriend.

The American actress is dating furniture designer Ben Hanisch and to mark their one-year anniversary, the pair took a trip to Paris together in September (16). However the romance was short-lived after the couple was struck with food poisoning early on in the break, which Amy revealed via an Instagram post at the time. And on The Ellen DeGeneres Show she went into graphic detail about the unpleasant events.

“Neither of us had been to France because we’re both trash,” Amy quips on Monday night’s (12Dec16) episode. “We had one of those hotel rooms where the bathroom... When you’re in it, and someone goes like, (coughs quietly), you hear it loudly in the whole room. You could hear everything, and we both got violent food poisoning.

“And so it hits him first, and he’s just in there like (mimics vomiting), and then the way it manifested itself in me is basically I was in there just like (squats and makes loud noises) - just machine gun. I knew it was over. I was in there yelling, ‘It was so great dating you! I wish you the best luck. You’re going to meet the greatest girl.’ Who can make it through that?”

Things got even worse though when she started to be sick too, which meant she had to reach for the trash can, but fortunately stoic Ben stayed by her side for the entire time.

After a year of being together the relationship seems destined for the long haul, however the Trainwreck star admits she and her beau weren’t initially planning on getting serious when they began dating.

“We met and neither of us were looking for anything, but we really liked each other right away. I liked him so much, I was like, ‘I’m going to make him wait.’ And I did, all through dinner,” she grins as host Ellen giggles.