Article Nov 29, 2016

You are no longer passing

Angela Missoni draws inspiration from strong women

Angela Missoni draws inspiration from strong women when she is designing.

The designer is the creative director of Missoni, her family’s beloved knitwear brand, which has been popular since her parents started creating their psychedelic patterns and zigzag knitwear in the 1950s.

While Missoni may work with color and pattern in her garments, she notes that women in her circle of friends and family actually provide the best inspiration.

“What really inspires me about women is their strong personalities and how this translates into their style,” she told W magazine. “I would have to say that my mother, Rosita Missoni, is number one on my list.”

And when it comes to her personal style, Angela admits that she now prefers comfort over couture.

She tends to opt for colorful shirts, simple trousers and a pair of sneakers when she’s out and about.

“I think I put it all in my work now more than on myself. There’s a romantic side to my style with a certain coziness. It’s comfort wear, like comfort food. Not in terms of feeling slouchy, but it makes you feel good and at home,” she shared.

While Angela continues to redefine the essence of Missoni, she is also interested in promoting the arts and is launching Surface Conversion, a new initiative that merges contemporary culture, modern art and fashion design.

The first series in Angela’s project was unveiled last week (ends30Oct16), at Missoni’s Madison Avenue boutique in New York, with the exhibition featuring the work of Brooklyn-based artist Servane Mary, who reconfigures women's portraiture published between the 1940s and 1970s.

“I’ve always wanted to do a project in our Madison Avenue space. I have many friends in art whose work I love and want to showcase,” said Angela of the project. “Finally, I made it and I thought to look for artists who are based in New York, but not strictly American artists.”