Article Nov 24, 2016

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Ashton Kutcher: 'Mila Kunis rejected my Hawkeye baby name suggestion'

Ashton Kutcher wanted to call his unborn son Hawkeye, but wife Mila Kunis shot him down.

The couple are currently expecting their second child together, with the tot due any day now judging by pictures of Mila out and about in recent days looking ready to pop.

However, despite the baby's imminent arrival, Ashton and Mila have yet to decide on a moniker for the little boy, with the actor admitting his spouse had rejected one of his more eccentric suggestions.

"I'm an Iowan, so to have a kid named Hawkeye?" Ashton said as he appeared on chat show Conan on Wednesday night (16Nov16). "And it's like M.A.S.H.! Like, he could be a doctor!"

Ashton was referring to the character Captain Benjamin Franklin 'Hawkeye' Pierce, a Korean War surgeon played by Donald Sutherland in the 1970 movie and Alan Alda in the television series spin-off.

But while Ashton was more than excited about the prospect of such a unique title for his son, he added that his suggestion "didn't fly" with Mila.

"It didn't cross the Mila threshold," he laughed. "It came to the threshold, but got knocked down."

The couple set a precedent for unusual baby names when they chose to call their daughter Wyatt Isabelle following her arrival in October 2014.

And while Ashton refused to further elaborate on the moniker they are leaning towards for their son, he did admit they have "a name dialled in."

"We’ve had (the name) for a while," Ashton said. "But the problem is, if you get the name too soon, suddenly there's like, slight trepidation about the name."

Ashton's interview with Conan came after Wilmer Valderrama, who co-starred with both Ashton and Mila in That '70s Show, said the actor was "built to be a boy's dad".

"He was built for that," Wilmer told E! News. "He's a football watching farm boy who just, you know, who just gets how to be a cowboy. I think he's been waiting for this moment."