Article Oct 30, 2016

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Avril Lavigne designing leggings for Pins to Kill

Pop punk Avril Lavigne is expanding her fashion resume by designing a pair of leggings for online brand Pins to Kill.

The Sk8er Boi singer has been creating clothes for her own label Abbey Dawn since 2008, and now she's teamed up with bosses at the customization company to launch her own pair of pants.

Her skull print leggings will go on limited sale from 1 November (16) and be available online for just four weeks, reports

Announcing the new venture in a press release, Avril says, "I love the Pins to Kill line and their enthusiasm for my vision. I am excited to partner with P2K and can't wait to see what the future holds."

When Avril, 32, first started in the music industry, she became known for a signature style - favoring tight tank tops and low-slung, baggy combat trousers with boots or sneakers.

She also sported heavy black eye make-up and brightly-colored hair. But things have changed since then, and Avril now loves exploring different styles through the ensembles she chooses.

"Sometimes I like to make a statement. I like bright, bold colors, and unique pieces," she told the Toronto Star newspaper in a previous interview. "I never like to dress plain because then I feel plain. And I think what’s kind of cool about fashion is that you can express yourself and be your own individual through your clothing. So if you feel like having pink hair, or green hair, or a Mohawk, or piercings, or tattoos, that’s okay. That’s what expressing yourself is all about. And it’s fun."

Having fun is something Avril considers very important in having a fashion line. She also revealed that the international travel involved in her career has inspired many of her designs.

"When I travel internationally, like when I’m in Japan, I get a ton of inspiration," she smiled. "I just I love shopping there. They have such unique pieces."