Article Nov 13, 2016

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Ben Affleck reveals past as teenage TV show host

Ben Affleck had an embarrassing past as an awkward teenager hosting an educational show on public television.

The Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice star was on U.K. television programme The Graham Norton Show on Friday night (04Nov16) to promote his new film The Accountant when he was surprised with the decades-old footage.

Graham showed a clip from the very low-budget U.S. public TV show The Voyage of the Mimi, starring Affleck as the teenage host.

"I had some training, much like my character in the movie," the actor teased, referencing his stint as a hit man in The Accountant. "This kind of training was making sixth grade and science students suffer through belaboured math and science concepts on a child's TV show."

Recalling he made the show for four years from the age of 10, Affleck revealed he travelled to the U.K. when he was 14 to make episodes for the show about Greenwich Mean Time and archaeology.

"I was a very gangly young man who came to England for a documentary, I think, about Greenwich Mean Time. I had never been to England before, I was very excited about the time difference. It was a thrill," he laughed.

Affleck went on to explain how he didn't understand any of the topics he was talking about while filming the public education show, and even joked he was half-asleep while on set.

"It was totally beyond me. I had no idea. They worked me to the bone, so I was half-asleep all the time. So, they'd get to my reaction shots and I'd be (nods) 'yeah, yeah'," he laughed.

Host Graham then compiled a variety of clips showing teenage Affleck's "unengaged listening face" on the educational series, much to the amusement of the Oscar-winning actor.

"I still use that face. That look is all over Pearl Harbor!" Affleck joked, referencing his 2001 war movie.