Article Nov 04, 2016

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Benedict Cumberbatch faced his fears for David Gilmour performance

Benedict Cumberbatch was "utterly terrified" when rocker David Gilmour invited him onstage during a recent London gig, but knew he'd regret turning down the opportunity.

The Sherlock star surprised the audience at the Pink Floyd singer's Royal Albert Hall concert in September (16) when he joined the musician for an encore performance of the band's iconic 1979 hit Comfortably Numb.

Benedict's appearance was met with huge applause from the crowd, but the actor insists he was wracked with nerves and only agreed to the unlikely collaboration because it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

"(I was) utterly, utterly terrified," he confessed on breakfast show Good Morning America on Tuesday (01Nov16), before playing down his vocal talents.

"I mean, that's a very sort of, talky singing number. It's not a true test, not like singing an Adele track," he said, "but to stand on that stage that near Dave Gilmour and watch him make that guitar sing, and his voice just gets richer and richer with time, no matter how high it goes, it's just amazing.

"I thought I'd regret not doing it more than I'd regret doing it, even though it makes me cringe a bit to watch it, but it was incredible."

Meanwhile, Cumberbatch, who is currently promoting his new Marvel superhero movie Doctor Strange, is preparing to show off another talent this weekend (05Nov16) as he takes on guest hosting duties for comedy show Saturday Night Live.

The Brit, who is known for his dramatic roles, admits he is thrilled to be appearing on the legendary sketch series and he is already having a blast at the famed NBC studios at 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York City.

"I'm so excited, so excited," Benedict smiled. "I went in yesterday for the first meeting and met everyone, and what an incredible season to be a part of, what with everything else going on (the presidential election)... it's incredible. And what a great cast. To walk down those hallowed halls was just a real 'pinch yourself' moment."

Benedict will host Saturday Night Live with Beyonce's sister, Solange Knowles, as the musical guest.