Article Dec 24, 2016

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Beth Ditto: 'Fashion is so pricey!'

Beth Ditto wishes creating fashion was more affordable, as she's still struggling to pay off the costs of her first clothing line.

The Gossip frontwoman launched her first-ever collection for plus-size retailer Evans in 2009 and at the beginning of this year (16) decided to go it alone by creating her own label.

She recently unveiled her second range, featuring statement dresses and embellished sweaters, though admits the design process is more expensive than people realize.

“I try to listen to that a lot, even though it can be hard to read,” she told Refinery29 on receiving customer feedback. “If there’s one thing I could change - actually there are a lot of things I’d change – in the industry, it's that I wish it could be less expensive. I guess people see you in magazines and they see you play a show or on television and they assume that you’re loaded.

"I’m very fortunate, I wouldn’t lie, but I think people see the price tag and they’re like, ‘Ugh, so rich’, but that’s how much it costs to make the motherf**ker. I’m pretty sure we’re still paying the last collection off!," she added.

The main reason Beth uses top quality materials for her garments is because she wants to create long-lasting pieces and provide sustainability, an aspect which she feels is missing in many brands. The singer cited a Stella McCartney coat as her biggest style splurge, which has lasted her eight years so far.

“I know that’s not feasible for a lot of people but you can have a lot for a little or a little for a lot and that’s what I’m learning still. Hopefully that comes through,” she added.

Quizzed on whether she asked any friends in the business for advice when creating her own pieces, having formed a close bond with big names like Jean Paul Gaultier, the star confessed she doesn’t like to bother people by asking them for help.