Article Nov 04, 2016

You are no longer passing

Blac Chyna's mother messages Kris Jenner ahead of granddaughter's arrival

Blac Chyna's mother thanked Kris Jenner for looking after her daughter in a touching Instagram post on Tuesday (01Nov16).

Tokyo Toni, 44, took to social media to express her excitement over the impending arrival of Chyna and fiance Rob Kardashian's baby daughter.

Next to a side by side picture of her and Kris, Toni wrote: "Hi @krisjenner. Our baby is on her way soon. WAH WAH WAH I can’t wait to hear that sound. God bless you for being a great person to my 'Our' daughter."

Toni, real name Shalana Jones-Hunter, also pressed the momager for her hair and make-up tips, adding: "We have to talk beauty secrets too for you are gorgeous darling. All these girls what are we going to do? Love them all to pieces!"

Kris has yet to respond to Toni's post, instead sharing a promotional image from Rob's Arthur George sock range on her own Instagram page in the early hours of Wednesday (02Nov16).

While Toni and Kris appear firm friends now, the pair weren’t always on such good terms. Toni once blasted the family for being “reality h**s" on Instagram, but later apologized for the post, writing: "I would like to make a public apology to everyone I offended on IG (Instagram) especially The Kardashians.

"As a mum I will always defend my daughter. However! I have no chill at times when it comes to her. I am human with emotions and judgements at times but real at the same damn time.

"So being the woman I am - I apologise to the 'K' family. Not an olive branch but we can pretend."

And in a show of solidarity Toni stepped in when Rob had a row with his family after they didn't invite Chyna to a baby shower they held for the tot. A fuming Rob tweeted his half-sister Kylie Jenner's cell phone number, but Toni decided enough was enough and defended the Kardashians for not inviting Chyna.

"It’s all about the baby and family ties," she said to Rob in a lengthy post on Instagram. "We have a strong family bond with a few loose screws hanging around but they would never disrespect us or them on social media. Some bridges are hard to cross back over once they are burnt!"