Article Nov 19, 2016

You are no longer passing

Bottega Veneta focused on continuity between seasons

Bottega Veneta looks to curate collections so they seamlessly transfer from one season to the next.

Creative Director Tomas Maier joined the Italian fashion brand, which is part of French luxury conglomerate Kering, in 2001, and oversees the company’s women’s and men’s ready-to-wear collections, accessories and lifestyle categories.

The German designer has made it his mission for the brand to gain a reputation for contemporary functionality and timeless design, and believes it is important that collections don’t contradict.

“I’m inspired by lots of different things; by nature, by color, by things I see…I absorb it all. It’s all in there and it comes out at the right time,” he told WWD. “A season is always built on a previous season. It’s very important to take your client from one to the other. It’s never from one to the opposite.”

Maier adds that he always starts a collection with a particular color palette in mind, before proceeding to choose his materials and fabrics. He also ensures that the hues he goes for “live” together well in the store and work in harmony with their surroundings.

“All this product we create, it all comes together in the store at the end. I think a store needs to be beautiful, attractive and needs to send the right message. The message needs to be coherent. If you move from one room to the next, there’s a harmony of colors that work together,” explained Maier.

This year marks Bottega Veneta’s 50th anniversary in business, as well as Maier’s 15th year in charge.

To mark the milestones, Maier showed his men’s and women’s collections together for the first time during the spring runway show at the Accademia di Brera for Milan Fashion Week last month (Sep16).

While Maier is pleased with the brand’s steady growth, he remains most proud of the fact that his designs are produced by artisans and then purchased by customers seeking special pieces.

“My client likes to invest in something that is particularly special, but something that remains, something that you keep for a longer time. It’s a purchase that you think about. It’s not impulsive,” he shared.