Article Oct 27, 2016

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Britney Spears thrilled by boob-popping stage mishap

Britney Spears felt "invigorated" when she almost bared her breasts at a concert in Las Vegas on Saturday (22Oct16).

The pop star was performing her cover of Joan Jett's I Love Rock 'N' Roll during her Piece of Me show at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino when the hook keeping her striped and studded bra together snapped and almost led to a boob-popping wardrobe malfunction.

"It was really tight around my neck," she tells news show Extra. "It was the second time I've worn it and I was on the guitar and it just popped and I was like, 'Oh, my God. It's never done that before!'

"I just had to hold myself. One of my dancers, Zach, he came to me and put a shirt on me, so I had, like, a huge nightgown onstage... It was kind of invigorating!"

In footage from the concert posted online, two male dancers attempted to fix the black straps and black collar from the back as Britney continues to sing and dance to the track. They initially appeared to secure the top, prompting the pop star to begin clapping above her head, but when the straps become loose again, she quickly clutched her costume to her chest to prevent it from revealing her left breast.

Britney struggled with the wardrobe issue throughout the rest of the song, but did her best to keep the show going.

It wasn't her only clothing calamity over the weekend - she also appeared to have trouble with her outfit during a performance of Gimme More. Fan footage shows Britney wearing a cropped denim top over her broken bra and fiddling with it as if she's having further fitting problems, causing one of the male dancers to hand her his sleeveless plaid shirt, which she buttoned up while bent down in the middle of a circle of dancers.

But it appears the 34-year-old is not afraid to show off her body, because she's in the best shape of her life.

"I like to work out," she tells the news show. "I have a trainer. I love swimming."