Article Nov 01, 2016

You are no longer passing

Bryan Cranston eyes Canadian relocation if Trump becomes U.S. president

Actor Bryan Cranston wouldn't hesitate to move to Canada if Donald Trump is elected the next president.

The Breaking Bad star is a Los Angeles native, but he insists he would pack his bags and relocate his family to Vancouver if the Republican property tycoon and reality star beats Democratic rival Hillary Clinton to the White House on 8 November (16).

Cranston's comments echo those already made by fellow celebrities Whoopi Goldberg, Barbra Streisand, Rosie O'Donnell, and Lena Dunham, but Bryan refuses to believe a Trump presidency will actually become a reality.

"I would definitely move," he told The Bestseller Experiment podcast. "It's not real to me that that would happen. I hope to God it won't.

"It wouldn't be a vacation," he added of his proposed move. "I'd be an expatriate."

Despite his relocation plans, Cranston has previously admitted he finds Trump's personality and psyche fascinating, and he is convinced the billionaire businessman's life would make great Hollywood fodder, while his controversial political campaign is sure to become the subject of future university studies.

"There will be books written, movies made," he predicted. "I'm telling you, there will be theatrical productions about Donald Trump because of the anomaly that he presented."

Earlier this year (16), Cranston confessed he would love to tackle Trump onscreen.

"I'd like to play Trump at some point," the 60-year-old actor mused on Today. "He's huge! He's this Shakespearean character, this serio-tragic-comedic character. Who wouldn't wanna take a bite out of that?"