Article Dec 17, 2016

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Bryan Cranston feared his daughter would date the wrong guy

Bryan Cranston’s “fear” of his own daughter dating helped him get into character for movie Why Him?

The 60-year-old actor stars in the upcoming comedy as dad Ned Fleming, who struggles to get his head around the fact his daughter is dating a vulgar and rich celebrity, played by James Franco. It wasn’t difficult for Bryan to get into character, as he and wife Robin Dearden have gone through similar scenarios with their only child, Taylor, 23.

“It’s a story that is not unfamiliar to me,” Bryan sighed to Britain’s Esquire magazine of his latest film. “I have a daughter the same age and it’s what every father fears. You raise them from a baby: changing their diapers, taking them first their first bike ride... You go through all those things and at the end you have to let her go, and you hope she settles with someone suitable.

“And there’s every chance you won’t approve of her choices... I mean: would you want your daughter settling down with James Franco?”

Bryan became a household name thanks to his role as another dad - Hal in TV series Malcolm in the Middle. The show ran for six years up until 2006 and the star has since taken on a variety of serious projects, which is why he jumped at the chance to lead Why Him?, alongside Zoey Deutch and Will & Grace’s Megan Mullally.

“I just laughed so much making it,” Bryan smiled. “I don’t think I’ve had as much fun on set since Malcolm in the Middle. It’s an extremely funny movie. But it wouldn’t of been a ‘yes’ if it hadn’t been for the pathos in the story.”

Bryan’s casting as teacher-turned-drug cook Walter White in Breaking Bad helped cement his A-list status, and he admits not a day goes past where he doesn’t talk about the award-winning show.