Article Nov 24, 2016

You are no longer passing

Carine Roitfeld got her own factory for Uniqlo designs

Uniqlo has a special factory that only produces the Carine Roitfeld collection.

The Parisian fashionista first teamed with Uniqlo in 2015, with her debut collection selling out in no time. The Fall 2016 line was unveiled at the Japanese retailer’s Fifth Avenue, New York, store on Thursday (27Oct16), boasting items such as faux fur bomber jackets, tailored blazers, and printed blouses.

“For Uniqlo, to be able to do leopard fake fur, you know, this is very new for them," Roitfeld smiled at the launch, reports "When it's possible not to wear real fur, you feel better too, no?"

Design Director Naoki Takizawa added he asked Uniqlo's factories if they could create something nicer for the Roitfeld collections: "They have one factory producing only Carine's collection... with special training and special machines. That's why it can be like this kind of (quality)."

Prices range from $9.90 (£8.00) to $199.90 (£164), and the line is now available online and at select stores.

The new range marks the third season of Roitfeld and Uniqlo working together.

“It's the same concept - it just makes my dream come true, to see what I would love to wear," the former editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris gushed.

“(Takizawa is) fantastic because for a Japanese guy, he's spent a lot of time in France so he totally understands the French girl. When I'm talking about fishnets and slip dresses, he totally understands what I mean."

As for the future, Roitfeld teased that more designs could be in the pipeline.

"You never know, I hope so," she said.

"Yes, yes, yes," interjected Takizawa. "Maybe a different style or something new, because Carine has many talents."