Article Nov 22, 2016

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Carrie Underwood credits mobile gym for helping her stay in shape

Carrie Underwood travels with a mobile gym to ensure she keeps up with her workouts while on tour.

The stunning blonde launched her Storyteller Tour in January (16), and has been delighting fans with her energetic and powerful performances.

But to be able to pull out all the stops on an almost nightly basis, Carrie has had to up her exercise regime, and decided to "splurge" on a gym pulled by a Ford F-150 pickup truck for when she's on the road.

"My shows are intense physically, and I’m running around all over the place and singing at the same time: I need to be able to do that; I need to feel like, ‘I got this,'" Carrie explained to People magazine.

So she works alongside trainer Eve Overland daily, and as a result is in the best shape of her life.

“We usually work out for 1.5 to two hours a day,” she added. “That’s warm up and cool down. It really is time for me.”

Carrie, 33, is also kept on her feet by her 20-month-old son Isaiah Michael, who has been by her side for the whole of her North America trek, which concludes in West Valley City, Utah, next month (Nov16).

"When we are on the road, my day is me doing a show, me being a mom - and those worlds colliding,” she said. "He’s getting faster and bigger. He’s running and climbing and jumping off stuff at me!"

As well as her tour, Carrie is also being kept busy with other commitments, like the upcoming Country Music Association Awards on 2 November (16), which she is co-hosting once again with Brad Paisley.

And knowing that she has to look stunning in a series of gorgeous gowns is a brilliant motivation for the multi-talented singer.

"I like having goals, like, the CMAs are coming up," she said. "I have a lot of gorgeous dresses to wear. I’m still working on fittings; I need to get my hair done - Momma’s got to kick it into high gear!”