Article Dec 02, 2016

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Carrie Underwood: 'I wear minis because I'm short'

Carrie Underwood’s legs have been getting special workout attention ahead of the CMA Awards, which she's hosting for the ninth time on Wednesday (02Nov16).

The 33-year-old Some Hearts hitmaker's shapely legs, which she shows off whenever she can, are so famous that many memes have been created in their honor. They will be front and center at the Nashville, Tennessee ceremony she'll co-host with Brad Paisley - in no less than 11 different outfits.

Carrie tells PeopleStyle she likes to trick people into thinking her famous assets are longer than they are.

“I wear minis because I’m short,” she laughs. “Sometimes I try dresses that are a little bit longer... and I get lost in them 'cause I’m five foot three. It just seems, like, above the knee works better for my height.”

She also admits she’s surprised at the attention her legs attract, but very flattered too.

"My legs are scarred from sports and from injuries, so I view them as being strong," she adds.

Unsurprisingly, Underwood has been working at getting her whole body ready for the big event for weeks.

“I definitely work out harder leading up to any awards show,” she admits. “I just wanna feel my best and when I look back at pictures, I just wanna be like, ‘Alright, I worked hard for that.’ So I just kinda amp it up, make sure if I have the time I use it wisely.”

She pays special attention to her diet, too.

“I 'lean up' my eating especially right before the show,” she explains. “And my workout routine becomes a little more all over full body. I do run more and try to sweat more just to burn fat.”