Article Nov 22, 2016

You are no longer passing

Chance the Rapper's 'unique perspective' won him H&M x Kenzo gig

Chance the Rapper’s “authentic” nature landed him the campaign for H&M x Kenzo.

The eagerly anticipated collaboration hits H&M stores at the beginning of November (16), with the musician fronting photos for the line along with the likes of model Iman and actress Chloe Sevigny.

Designer Humberto Leon, who helms both Kenzo and Opening Ceremony with his business partner Carol Lim, dubs Chance an influential figure as well as a friend, and has recalled what drew him to the star in the first place.

“First and foremost, his music, and second, he has an amazing outlook. I think the way he works with his community in Chicago, the youth there, that spirit is something that I really admire and look for in people. And it’s all super authentic,” Leon gushed to Billboard.

“We asked him to be a part of our ad campaign, which was all about people that we admire, and yes they have a great fashion sense, but on the other hand they also have something about their perspective and the way they contribute to society that we love.”

Leon and Lim count music as an important aspect of their fashion presentations, previously tapping artists such as Vampire Weekend and M.I.A. to perform at their shows.

But there’s also big names in the movie business who the pair respects, notably filmmaker Spike Jonze, who directed their fragrance campaign for Kenzo’s latest perfume, World.

The finished piece went down a hit with film and fashion fans and Leon was bowled over by the positive response.

“We were genuinely, genuinely thrilled about it,” he smiled. “It took us a year to release it, so by time it came out to public, I had a second round of it. We’ve been friends (with Spike) for over 10 years, and it was exciting to formally work on something together.”

The video opens with actress Margaret Qualley looking bored as she sits at the table of a black-tie event, before sneaking away into an empty hall where she dances about in a bright green dress.