Article Dec 27, 2016

You are no longer passing

Chris Pratt suffered dinner disaster cooking for Olivia Munn and her beau

Chris Pratt was so nervous cooking for Olivia Munn's sportsman boyfriend that he burnt dinner.

The Office Christmas Party actress has been dating National Football League player Aaron Rodgers since 2014, and Chris is a big fan of the Green Bay Packers quarterback. Olivia and her beau happened to be in Atlanta, Georgia, at the same time as Chris and his actress wife Anna Faris and the two couples decided to get together at the actor's rented home for a meal, however, Chris' efforts to impress didn't turn out so well.

"When Aaron Rodgers comes to your house, you think, 'I better man-up here.' So I planned some manly things because I desperately of course want him to be my friend, I want him to like me and respect me," he told James Corden on Monday night's (12Dec16) The Late Late Show, recalling how he decided to barbecue steaks on the grill. "It took me like, 20 minutes to figure out how to turn the thing on and then I grilled and I'd heard the best way to do it is to crank it up as hot as possible, and then just (makes sizzling, grilling noises), sear it you know? But I seared it for like, 20 minutes too long."

Olivia remembered how a cloud of smoke appeared and when the rest of the group went to check on Chris' cooking, the food was already charred. The Guardians of the Galaxy actor insists it wasn't entirely his fault though by pointing out the person who used it before clearly hadn't cleaned it as it was covered in grease.

Although he's one of the hottest names in the world at the moment Chris, 37, still gets starstruck, though it isn't usually around fellow celebrities.

"The phenomenon of being starstruck is something that happens and it happens when people are starstruck by people in entertainment, in music, and for me I've worked with so many actors and I've been in the show business world," he explained. "It doesn't really affect me as it would have, I've gotten used to it, but athletes, we still (get overwhelmed)."