Article Dec 18, 2016

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Christian Dior unveils limited edition Lady Dior handbags

Christian Dior has commissioned artists to create limited edition versions of the Dior Lady handbag.

The handbag was first made in the French luxury brand’s workshops in 1994, inspired by couture.

Initially known as "Chouchou" or “favorite”, it was given the name Lady Dior two years later as a tribute to Britain’s Princess Diana, who fell in love with this unique accessory on a visit to Paris.

Now the handbag is getting a modern update, with Dior inviting artists Mat Collishaw, Ian Davenport, Daniel Gordon, Chris Martin, Jason Martin, Matthew Porter and Marc Quinn to use it as a canvas for their creative visions in a range titled Dior Lady Art.

Christian Dior chief executive officer Sidney Toledano says that the brand has a long-held association with the art world, with the Lady Dior handbag previously inspiring artists such as Olympia Scarry, Nan Goldin, Mounir Fatmi.

“When the idea came about to make limited edition Lady Dior bags for people to own, we approached artists, like Marc Quinn, who were very excited to create something that people can collect as art,” he told WWD.

For his designs, Quinn reproduced his still life oil paintings of orchids and created a silver leather Lady Dior decorated with relief flower petals. While Brooklyn-based painter Chris Martin adapted two of his most recognizable works, titled Frog 1 and Chameleon, and Jason Martin adapted his sculptural monochrome metallic paintings, with the handbags featuring undulating 3-D leather in gold and silver.

The exclusive collection also includes accessories, with prices ranging from $360 (£288) for a card holder to $11,500 (£9,220) for a mink bag, with most bags priced between $3,500 and $6,000 (£2,800-£4,800).

A maximum of 100 of each style is being produced, with the line being officially launched at a pop-up installation at Dior’s Miami Design District store on 2 November (16).