Article Dec 19, 2016

You are no longer passing

Christian Louboutin unveils sculptural clutch bag

Christian Louboutin has unveiled a clutch bag inspired by his famous high heels.

The French fashion designer has built a brand around his signature shiny, red-soled shoes, which are coveted by discerning fashionistas around the globe.

Now Louboutin is delving into the accessories market, offering up a new clutch bag named Shoepeaks, which melds his iconic So Kate shoes into one seamless objet d’art.

Interlacing the worlds of surrealistic objects and architecture, the handbag has snaps with a delicate chain strap for optional shoulder wear.

With regards to the unusual design, the 53-year-old shares that it has been in development for around three years, and was inspired by the idea of packing shoes in a box or bag.

"I started to work on morphing shoes together because I did an exhibition with David Lynch, where I had to see the fetishism," he told "I see many people have a hard time packing shoes, because they put one shoe in and then they put the other shoe in, and it just doesn’t work. I always say that it’s very easy if you just put one on the top, one on the bottom and you marry the shoes."

The final design is a lightweight aluminium clutch in two finishes: black in lacquered metal and gold in polished metal, both of which are enclosed between two iconic red soles. The inside recalls the shoes too, with a soft lambskin leather lining.

At the heart of Louboutin’s design is a desire to marry his enduring love of curves and architecture.

"I have a passion for curves, but I still like the universe of forms and shapes in general. A perfect example is obelisks and pyramids, but I favor cones," he explained.

The Shoepeaks clutch bags are priced at $3,500 (£2,800).