Article Oct 27, 2016

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Ciara: 'My makeup routine revolves around baby's sleep schedule'

Singer Ciara only has time to do her make-up when her son is taking a nap.

The Goodies hitmaker, who was named cosmetic giant Revlon's new celebrity spokesperson this week (18Oct16), welcomed her first child Future Zahir back in 2014, and the star admits having a toddler in the house has altered her beauty routine completely.

“I think my plan (has proven) to be the perfect plan for having my little one because, as I think all moms know, a lot of times, you have no time for you,” she explains to People magazine. “When it’s nap time, I get to it and put my face together. I put on mascara, a little concealer under my eyes and (tinted) lip balm. It takes, like, 10 minutes and sometimes that’s all you have with a child.”

“I literally have to map it out," she adds of her self-care practice. "That’s the thing about having your little one: When you have them on a schedule, take advantage of the schedule and map things out.”

Although squeezing make-up sessions into her busy daily schedule has become a regular occurrence, Ciara refuses to compromise when it comes to regular exercise. The R&B singer was able to return to her pre-baby weight just four months after giving birth to baby Future Zahir due to her fitness diligence.

“After delivering my son, a 9-lb 10-oz baby, and gaining 60 lbs, I was committed to (returning) to how I felt before I had him," she recalls. "Four months after having him, I was back to my original shape. There’s something very empowering about that. Something about that gave me an extra pep in my step, and motivated me even more to go harder.”

Ciara continues: “I think when it comes to your body, it’s all about the goals you set for yourself. I can honestly say when I first started my career, I weighed almost 20 lbs more than I weigh now.”

However, Ciara's body weight may be transforming yet again in the near future, as it's rumored she is currently pregnant with her new football player husband Russell Wilson's child.