Article Oct 25, 2016

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Coach collaborates with Colette on children’s line

Coach is collaborating with Paris boutique Colette on a children’s collection.

The New York-based brand’s creative director Stuart Vevers and Colette co-founder Sarah Andelman have created a high-end capsule collection for kids, which includes a varsity jacket, sweaters, trousers, a dress and a sweatshirt. The line features Coach’s cartoon insignia, Rexy the dinosaur, and is priced from $95 (£78) to $200 (£164), with a special-edition Rexy handbag selling for $450 (£370).

“We have been with Colette since my first collection with Coach, and we have done loads of special launches, exclusive products - we’ve had so much fun working together,” Vevers told WWD of the collaboration. “I have always worked with Sarah to make all the things we do special and unique, and this is really taking it to the natural next stage.”

Andelman similarly excited about the collaboration, which marks the first time Coach has designed an all-encompassing range for little ones. She said Colette always seeks to have interesting collections, and hopes parents will bring their children into the store to view the “very cute” clothes.

But Vevers made it clear that Coach shoppers shouldn’t expect to see a permanent children’s line in their stores anytime soon.

“It’s a limited-edition project, which I think makes it even more interesting,” he said.

The range will be stocked at Colette’s specialty store on Rue Saint-Honore in Paris, France, from Monday (17Oct16). And from 25 October (16), Andelman will bring Colette to Coach’s SoHo concept store at 143 Prince Street. In addition to the Coach capsule, a range of Colette’s signature items, including toys, temporary tattoos, bubbles and art supplies, will be sold in the pop-up.

The Colette and Coach pop-up will remain open for one week, through until 1 November (16).

“It’s more about something fun for kids, not pretentious,” Andelman added.