Article Nov 15, 2016

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Coco Rocha: 'Models should establish strong values'

Coco Rocha has urged all aspiring models to set themselves an important goal in life.

The 28-year-old fashion star was discovered when she was 14 and has since worked with big brands such as Versace, Yves Saint Laurent and Rimmel. In June (16) it was announced she and her husband James Conran had taken an ownership and management stake in Nomad Mgmt modeling agency and speaking to, Coco shared a valuable piece of advice for those looking to follow in her ever-so-stylish footsteps.

“Everyone knows that certain things I do and don’t do when I shoot and I think it’s made me more comfortable with who I am and sticking to my guts,” she explained. “I think all girls should have a goal about what is important. If it’s ‘I don’t believe in fur’ or... 'I don’t want to shoot in a certain way’ or ‘I don’t drink so I’m not going to portray myself in a myth.’”

Coco is a big advocate of positive body image and has previously spoken out to address eating disorders in the industry, as well as supporting a campaign against using photo editing software. She suggests up-and-coming models cement their values early on in their careers so when the time comes, they can present their message clearly.

The mother-of-one loves being able to help “fresh and new” girls break out into the business and hopes to guide them safely over any hurdles they may face.

“Seasoned girls are great but being able to help a new girl and explain how it’s going to work and how you can avoid certain things and situations - I like it,” she smiled. “I don’t ever want to hear something went wrong and so I focus on making sure that their careers are enjoyable.”

A further piece of advice the brunette beauty shared is that it’s important to be nice, as she believes treating people with respect is the key to making it big.