Article Nov 09, 2016

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Dakota and Elle Fanning's father calls off divorce

Dakota and Elle Fanning's dad has called off his divorce to their mother.

Steven Fanning filed documents to end his almost 27-year marriage to their mum Heather Joy Arrington, citing irreconcilable differences, in October (16). He did not ask for spousal support and both their daughters are adults, so custody wasn't an issue.

However, it appears he has had a change of heart because he has dismissed the divorce petition, according to

Sources close to the family say Steven and Heather have decided to give their marriage another go and are trying to work out their differences.

Steven previously made headlines of his own in 2014 when he was pictured sitting with Dakota and actor Michael B. Jordan at a New York Knicks basketball game at Madison Square Garden. He was dubbed a hot dad by social media users.

And back in 2012 the 22-year-old spoke about her close relationship with her mother, and how much she missed her when she became a student at New York University.

"You’re all by yourself. It’s crazy. But it’s really good for me, I think," she told British newspaper The Telegraph. "My mom and I have been pretty much together my whole life, because when I was working before I was 18 she was always with me.

"So I’ve missed her a lot, and I’ve missed my whole family and my house and dog, but then I appreciate it all so much more when I go home. It's good never to take anything for granted."

Dakota and Elle, 18, were also hit with rumors of rivalry thanks to the younger sibling's blossoming acting career and Dakota told Net-a-Porter's The Edit in October (16) she was sick and tired of the speculation.

"People unfortunately love to see conflict. And if it's between family? Between sisters? Even better," she said. "The assumption that we're really competitive, that people even ask that, is horrible. It's implied our family is torn apart by jealousy."