Article Oct 28, 2016

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Dakota Fanning was dangerous in Kill Bill Halloween costume

Actress Dakota Fanning once poked her friend's eye out after dressing up as Uma Thurman's vengeful character in Kill Bill for Halloween.

The War of the Worlds star donned a bright yellow jumpsuit, just like the one Thurman wore in the 2003 Quentin Tarantino movie, and teamed it with a fake sword for a spooky holiday party last year (15), but she took her portrayal a little too far and inadvertently ended up injuring her best pal.

"We went to a party, my friends and I, and I totally poked my best friend in the eye with the sword!" she laughed on The View. "We were in a photobooth and I was like, doing all these (fight) moves and she was (hit in the eye)."

However, Dakota, 22, insisted the damage wasn't too serious, adding, "She can see, it's all good!"

Her American Pastoral director and co-star Ewan McGregor, who was also present for the interview, also admitted he likes to dress up on occasion for the annual event, and one year, he celebrated Halloween as Ozzy Osbourne.

The Scottish star shared, "I've got four girls and I always try to involve myself in Halloween if I'm around at the time. Often I'm away and miss things like that, so when I am at home, I go for it."

His imitation of the Black Sabbath rocker was so good, Ewan tricked one of his neighbors into thinking he was the real deal.

"Because I'm an actor, typical actor, I had to sort of not just look like him, but sort of adopt his (posture), and I went round (the neighborhood) and someone went up to one of my daughters and went (gasping), 'We didn't know he lived here!'" he laughed.

"They really thought I pulled it off!"