Article Nov 23, 2016

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David Beckham and Margot Robbie stunned by David Blaine's magic tricks

Stars including David Beckham, Margot Robbie and Drake were left shocked by illusionist David Blaine's stunts during his U.S. TV special.

In Beyond Magic, which aired on Tuesday night (15Nov16), Blaine performed a series of tricks with celebrities, which also included Drake, Emma Stone, Arnold Schwarzenegger and John Travolta.

Blaine paid a visit to David and wife Victoria's mansion and for his trick, he put David's wedding ring in his mouth and swallowed it as the couple and their three boys Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz watched. Blaine then folded a metal hanger and put it fully down his throat and got the retired soccer star to pull it out - with the ring secured onto the intact hanger.

"That's ridiculous!" Beckham uttered in disbelief as Victoria walked out of the room. Their response is similar to other celebrities who watched the trick in their own homes such as Emma and Margot, who looked horrified.

Beckham was also witness to another scary stunt - he grimaced then closed his eyes and looked away when Blaine sewed his mouth shut with needle and thread. He was joined by Brooklyn as they watched the magician tilting his head back and making swallowing movements before two frogs popped out of his mouth.

"He said name an animal that he can keep alive in his hand so I said 'frog,'" he explained to the camera. "I thought the sewing the mouth shut was the trick, that was it. I forgot about the frog thing.

"Live frogs came out of his mouth... live frogs," he repeated as he held his head in his hands and laughs as he walks away from the camera.

He later added, "How's that even possible?" while his wife can be heard off camera saying, "Has anyone made David disappear yet?" and he responds, "No... wait a minute... you have no idea what just happened. That's ridiculous."

Blaine performed a similar trick with Drake and comedian Dave Chappelle without sewing his mouth first. He also played a mind game on Margot, where he guessed what she was thinking, and performed a card trick with Jennifer Lawrence via FaceTime.