Article Oct 27, 2016

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Debbie Rowe: 'Cancer battle has brought daughter Paris and I closer than ever'

Michael Jackson's ex-wife has credited their daughter with helping her battle the blues amid her cancer battle.

Reclusive Debbie Rowe has told Entertainment Tonight in a rare interview the teen gives her "a reason to get up" each morning.

Debbie, who is also mom to Jackson's eldest son Prince Michael, is currently undergoing chemotherapy after she was diagnosed with breast cancer in July (16).

The 57-year-old was estranged from Paris at the time, but her health issues have brought mother and daughter closer than ever, and Rowe admits the 18-year-old has become her "rock".

"She's amazing," Debbie told ET. "She's been with me the whole time. She was there. First phone call, (it) took her 30 seconds (to reach out) when she found out."

And the little things she shares with her daughter make her feel happy when her health is a struggle: "For her to kiss my bald head... (Her love) is pretty unconditional... I can't tell you how much I love her. We go for sushi, we talk about music, and we text all the time."

The late King of Pop's ex also opened up about the moment she discovered she had cancer, revealing she was visiting a new doctor for what she thought was "a baseline ultrasound".

"I had the ultrasound and they said, 'Where are you having problems?'" she recalled. "And I said, 'I'm not having problems'." The doctor later apologized for the way she found out she had the disease.

"He told me it was going to be a bumpy ride, and to bear with him," she continued. "And it was. I had more biopsies, and more tests, and ultrasounds, blood work and things like that... This is a lot to go through. And that was before they (even) did the lumpectomy.

"Chemo does its best to make you lose your femininity. You lose your hair, you lose your eyelashes, you lose your eyebrows. And what a lot of people don't realize is, that when I take this (wig) off, I'm still me. I'm still feminine, I'm still a woman, and above all, I'm still human."