Article Nov 08, 2016

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Demi Lovato 'knocks out' Sylvester Stallone at fight practice

Demi Lovato recently knocked out Sylvester Stallone while sparring with him in the gym.

The Cool for the Summer singer has been working out at the Unbreakable gym in Los Angeles, where she has been training in mixed martial arts (MMA) with the owner Jay Glazer.

She has been sharing videos of her sessions on social media and on Wednesday (02Nov16) she revealed she faced off with Sylvester, who plays Rocky Balboa in the famous boxing film franchise.

The footage showed them both in boxing gloves circling each other on a padded blue floor with Demi throwing punches that the acting veteran manages to dodge. After a few repetitions, Sly goes for a punch and she ducks and strikes him back and it appears to connect with his chin as the actor drops to the floor.

He immediately gets back up and jokes, "I slipped, I slipped!" and he laughs and hugs Demi before saying to the camera, "I swear it was an accident."

"Just knocking out Rocky (@officialslystallone) easy day at @unbreakableperformance," Demi wrote in the caption.

Sylvester also reposted the video and wrote, "Rocky gets knocked out by his long-lost daughter, Roxana … Starring Demi Lovato @ddlovato. The Unthinkable At Unbreakable @unbreakableperformance #boxing #rocky #gym #upsetofthecentury #rocky8"

Demi's trainer recently spoke to and said she has real potential, with even better technique and fighting mindset than some of the Ultimate Fight Champion (UFC) gym users.

"She throws elbows better than most of the UFC guys that come in there," Jay said. "She's more violent than most. Then she gets mad if we don't get after her harder. She's definitely one of our fighters, without a doubt."

He added people "don't mess with her" and she gave him one of the worst bruises he's ever had from his fighters.