Article Oct 20, 2016

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Dianna Agron chose Valentino wedding gown off the runway

Dianna Agron's wedding dress for her big day in Marrakech, Morocco was anything but traditional - she chose a Valentino gown from Paris Fashion Week in March (16).

The former Glee star wed Mumford & Sons rocker Winston Marshall over the weekend (15Oct16) and photos of the couple's nuptials suggest the stylish actress opted for an embellished nude colored tulle dress.

It seems the look was straight-off-the-runway - the $20,000 dress made its debut in France at Valentino's Autumn/Winter 2016 runway show this spring (16).

The gown is embroidered with sequins and beading and sources claim Agron fell in love with it after realizing it was perfect for her destination wedding, which quietly took place at the Beldi Country Club, adding a little sparkle to her look.

Pictures of the bride in her dress, which were posted online by guests after the wedding, have been deleted, suggesting the newlyweds weren't thrilled with all the images that were being posted, but many of Dianna hanging out with friends in Morocco are still all over social media.

The bride and groom arrived at their wedding on camels and sources tell InStyle, Dianna wore a crown of silver stars for the sunset ceremony. Marshall wore a turban, traditional Moroccan blazer and pants.

The wedding and candlelit reception was the highlight of a three-day party at the Beldi Country Club.

Meanwhile, Dianna no doubt picked up a few ideas for her big day when she served as a bridesmaid at the wedding of chef and food stylist pal Megan Mitchell. The actress also wore a nude-colored gown for that event.

Agron and Mitchell became engaged at the end of last year (15), but the private couple has never spoken about its romance.