Article Nov 04, 2016

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Drake's producer: 'Kanye West provided diss track's drums'

Drake's longtime producer has played down Kanye West's involvement in the Canadian rapper's Kid Cudi diss track, insisting he only supplied part of the beat.

The Hotline Bling star hit headlines late last month (Oct16) when he shared new song Two Birds, One Stone, on which he attacked hip-hop rivals Pusha T and Cudi.

On the tune, Drake mocks Cudi's struggle with depression and mental health, which he is currently seeking help for in rehab, and Kanye was dragged into the controversy after he was listed as a composer, producer, and writer, suggesting he helped pen the lyrical jabs aimed at two of his friends and frequent collaborators.

However, Drake's producer pal Noah '40' Shebib has since cleared up the gossip, insisting the story behind Kanye's contributions is not as juicy as it seems.

"Me and Kanye (sic) produced the track," he tells lyrics website Genius. "I made it from some drums he had given me. Not quite the elaborate story the world is looking for."

An inside source also explains Kanye's songwriting credit, saying, "When someone contributes to a song as a producer/musician they are considered a writer, as he is alongside Noah Shebib and the other musicians on the song."

Kanye, 39, has yet to comment on the controversy, but Cudi, who originally sparked the conflict by blasting his former mentor and Drake on Twitter, took a break from rehab to hit back at the 30-year-old Canadian.

"Say it to face, p**sy," he tweeted on Friday (28Oct16). "You think it's a game. I wanna see you say it to my face. I'll be out soon. Promise."

The post has since been deleted.