Article Oct 23, 2016

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Dree Hemingway’s zaps zits with toothpaste

Dree Hemingway uses an array of different toothpastes on her pimples.

The 28-year-old model may boast a flawless complexion on the catwalk and in her various fashion campaigns for the likes of Gucci and H&M, but she isn’t immune from the occasional breakout. While the toothpaste treatment has received mixed reviews from beauty experts Dree is a big fan, even using various types.

“You would find an array of moisturizers, you would find a lot of different toothpastes..." she laughed to Byrdie when asked what they’d find in her medicine cabinet, insisting she likes to mix it up with different flavors.

"I will also put toothpaste on my pimples because I have an array of toothpastes. Most of them are all-natural, so it works for my teeth and my pimples! I have had it burn off my face once. It was satisfying for me but not satisfying for the makeup artist. It wasn't bulbous anymore, but it was red and drying and gross."

Dree adds her morning routine involves hydrating her face, but she doesn’t rely on any special treatments. She uses a nourishing mask on her skin three times a week, even sleeping in one of Ling Skincare’s products.

Along with keeping her complexion clear the star maintains a slim physique, though like her laidback approach to skincare she participate in anything over the top.

"I like yoga and stretching, and I really like hiking. I like anything that you can kind of do outside, but I like Pilates because I was a ballet dancer for years,” she explained. “I try running - I'm horrible. I feel like if the world depended on me running a mile and saving the world... No, I can run a mile. Not well.”