Article Jan 02, 2017

You are no longer passing

Elizabeth Debicki finds doing laundry therapeutic

Elizabeth Debicki finds the process of doing her own laundry to be therapeutic.

The Australian actress made her feature film debut in A Few Best Men in 2011, and has since gone onto find fame in 2013’s The Great Gatsby and in TV miniseries The Night Manager.

But the rising star ensures she stays grounded by following advice Cate Blanchett gave her when they starred together in Sydney Theater Company’s production of The Maids in 2013.

“Always wash your own socks,” Elizabeth said of the advice Cate bestowed on her to Britain’s Marie Claire magazine. “I felt like I was getting on top of things. It’s very therapeutic to do your laundry and I don’t know what the alternative is... Get someone else to do it?”

As well as maintaining her wardrobe, the 26-year-old likes to unwind by watching her favorite TV show, BBC’s The Great British Bake Off. As a keen baker, Elizabeth loves nothing more than watching the contestants whip up the delicious creations.

“That show has become such a symbol of freedom for me,” she smiled. “For everyone under stress in their work life, certain things become symbol of peace, like watching Bake Off, reading a book or eating a chocolate biscuit, it’s like, ‘I’m surviving, I’m alive.’”

And the blonde beauty claims to know a thing or two about hard work and commitment, having trained as a dancer in her youth. She's also a strong believer in the idea that everything happens when it is meant to.

“I think actors play the roles they’re meant to play at certain times in their life,” shared Elizabeth. “The roles you get are often through a strange pathway, where all odds were against you so it must mean you were meant to get it.”