Article Dec 08, 2016

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Elle Fanning: 'I want to stay away from Twitter'

Elle Fanning isn't a fan of Twitter because people just "argue" on it.

The 18-year-old actress has a relatively small online presence compared to her peers, with just an Instagram account to her name. Explaining her low-key social media approach to C magazine, Elle admits she isn't a fan of the confrontational nature of other sites such as Twitter.

"Well, my parents never let me have a Facebook account," she told the publication. "And I had a private Instagram, but I was always a little intimidated by it. I have never had a Twitter account. People just argue on Twitter and I want to stay away. I guess I like Instagram because I am a visual person."

Elle followed her older sister Dakota into Hollywood, and has starred in movies such as Maleficent and The Neon Demon. While other people might be amazed by Elle's daily life, the actress insists it's the "norm" for her, because she has never known anything different.

"It (Hollywood) all feels very normal to me. I’ve always been on movie sets, and I have learned so much," she added. "I really hope to be a director one day, to feel so free to invent stuff… To have something that’s mine, my own thing that I pour myself into, that’s my dream."

Another of Elle's hopes for the future is potentially some higher education. But she won't go back to studying for just anything, and already has her dream topic picked out.

“If I do go back to school one day, which I think I will, it will be for photography," she smiled.

Elle has 10 new projects in the pipeline, including Maleficent 2 and A Storm in the Stars, in which she stars as Frankenstein author Mary Shelley opposite Douglas Booth as her husband Percy.