Article Apr 22, 2019

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Emilia Clarke ‘wouldn’t change’ Game of Thrones nude scenes

Emilia Clarke has admitted that she has no regrets over the amount of nudity in the early seasons of Game of Thrones.

The British actress, who stars in the hit HBO series as Daenerys Targaryen, confessed to OK! magazine that she wouldn’t change the scenes because they’re key to understanding the struggles that the character goes through in the male-dominated world of the series.

“We needed to see the struggles that Daenerys has been through to have any empathy for her,” the 32-year-old reflected. "You had to see it, you couldn’t just have it explained.”

The Solo: A Star Wars Story actress went on to suggest that there’s “not one part of the show that she’d go back and redo,” and argued that although people say the nude scenes in the show objectified women and reinforced gender inequalities, she believes that they serve an alternative purpose.

“It’s a show that puts women in a place of power and I think that’s unique,” she said of the agency of the show’s female characters. “Having an idea, believing in it enough to have people back you and to promote yourself as someone who can lead bodies of people… is beautiful.”

Emilia also highlighted that issues surrounding gender parity aren’t exclusive to the series, and encouraged viewers to consider the problematic elements of the fantasy show in relation to everyday life.

“While in Game of Thrones’ fantastical world the gender divide is what it is, in our society it is also what it is,” she considered.