Article Dec 29, 2016

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Eudon Choi: 'London supports design talent'

Eudon Choi has praised London as a city that supports young designers.

The Korean-born designer is based in the British capital and shows off his work biannually at London Fashion Week.

During a recent talk at the Herald Design Forum 2016 in Seoul, titled Art Embracing Business: Business Embracing Art, Choi spoke about how his adopted country encourages young talent.

“London has a really good system to support young designers, run by the British Fashion Council,” he said. “The country is a good place to get inspiration in everyday life, from going to museums and looking at pedestrians.”

His comments come hot on the heels of news the British Fashion Council is teaming up with the Royal Academy Schools on a new Fashion Arts Commissions project which will match up and coming talent in fashion and visual arts to collaborate on projects across art forms.

Choi also spoke about his own label, revealing inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes he thinks up a new line in “the blink of an eye”, and other times it can take a lot longer. He also explained how he likes his clothes to be practical.

“Because I am a man, I design clothes for women as if they were ‘objects’ that are detached from myself and (which) I can never wear,” he smiled. “So, the point of my design should be to make my clothes ‘wearable’ by women.

“How my clothes look are important, but whether they are wearable or not is much more important,” he added.