Article Nov 26, 2016

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Ewan McGregor: 'Being teetotal can be alienating'

Ewan McGregor hasn't always found it easy to stay teetotal after he quit drinking.

The 45-year-old veteran of movies Trainspotting and Star Wars made the decision to quit drinking alcohol over a decade ago. In a television interview he admitted at the time to being "a borderline alcoholic" who would regularly show up on sets drunk and would drink in between shooting scenes.

In an interview with German family magazine NIDO he admitted saying no to a drink is still a struggle at times.

"Alcohol is everywhere and constantly available," he explained to the publication. "You feel alienated quite soon if you don't drink (with other people). Of course I had to learn to cope with that.”

It was a big decision at the time for the father-of-four, who explained in a previous interview that he stopped drinking because it was "getting in the way of my work", and making him "really unhappy".

Having children proved to be a strong motivation for the actor, who can soon be heard playing the part of singing candelabra Lumiere in Disney’s live action remake of Beauty and the Beast.

But parenthood brings its own challenges too, such as when his daughter Clara wanted to quit school, just like he once did, and become a photographer at aged 16.

"But fortunately it came to nothing", sighed a relieved Ewan. "She finished school voluntarily."

Clara, who is now in her twenties, held on to her passion for the artform and is now studying photography at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts.