Article Oct 26, 2016

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Felicity Jones had close call driving Tom Hanks

British actress Felicity Jones "nearly killed" Tom Hanks on the set of Inferno after knocking their car into a wall.

The Theory of Everything star features opposite the veteran actor in Ron Howard's latest film, the second sequel to The Da Vinci Code thriller, based on the books by Dan Brown, in which they must race against time to stop a deadly disease from wiping out half of the earth's population.

One sequence required Felicity to make a quick exit from a parking lot, but she struggled to maneuver the large vehicle during the action shoot on location in Italy.

Admitting it was her first time driving an "A-list movie star" on set, the 33-year-old recalled how she "nearly killed" Tom while turning a sharp corner.

"The Italian streets are really tiny, and for some reason my character (Sienna) had the most enormous car they could find," she quipped on Monday night's (25Oct16) Jimmy Kimmel Live! "So. just as I was very kind of coolly trying to turn this corner, I was staying in line as I was turning it, I basically bashed the entire side of the car with Tom in... into the side of the wall. It was nearly sort of game over, but luckily he was very cool - he didn't say anything."

Inferno isn't the only big feature Felicity is promoting at the moment; in December (16), Star Wars fans will see her front spin-off movie Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, a prequel about the Rebel Alliance's attempts to steal plans to the evil Death Star.

Asked whether she's prepared for the impact that being part of such a big franchise will have on her life, the star joked she's already committed to joining the "nerd community".

"Recently we were sent a box of toy laser guns, which I have to say is the most fun ever - they're amazing," she laughed. "Especially when you're at home and you don't have too much to do and you're a bit bored and you can go around... As I would with my boyfriend, we were just shooting each other with pretend lasers."