Article Jun 07, 2019

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Gucci pledges to contribute to restoration project in Rome

Gucci bosses have pledged $1.8 million (£1.4 million) to the restoration and conservation of Rome's Belvedere Garden at Villa Tarpea.

The Italian fashion house staged its resort 2020 show in May at the historic Capitoline Museums, which is nearby the historic area that dates back to the first century.

Now, Gucci is investing in restoring the area at Villa Tarpea - and the green area landscape located on the rock of the Capitoline Hill - over the next two years.

The project, called Rupe Tarpea: Between Legend and Future, is aimed at the restoration, preservation and improvement of the Tarpeian Rock in Rome, a steep cliff of the southern summit of the Capitoline Hill, overlooking the Roman Forum.

Marco Bizzarri, president and chief executive officer of the luxury label, said it was an honour to be involved in the restoration of history in Rome, which is the birthplace of Gucci's creative director, Alessandro Michele.

"Being able to make a civil contribution to the eternal city, the birthplace of our creative director and which also houses our design office is an immense honour for me," he said in a statement, according to WWD. "Alessandro and the contemporaneity of Gucci are in constant daily dialogue with the ancient world. It is an endless conversation because every day we are confronted with the weightless presence of our heritage. Contributing to the restoration of the Rupe Tarpea and its return to the citizens of Rome and its visitors, is for me and all at Gucci, an infinite joy."

This is not Gucci's first donation to restoration projects in Italy. Back in 2017, executives pledged $2.1 million to support the restoration of Florence's Boboli Gardens when Michele decided to hold the brand's cruise 2018 show at the Palatina Gallery overlooking the venue.