Article Feb 10, 2019

You are no longer passing

Gwen Stefani hoping to count Oprah Winfrey among fans of her new eyewear line

Gwen Stefani is hoping her bold new eyewear collection will appeal to Oprah Winfrey.

The singer has unveiled her fourth line of cool spectacles under her fashion company L.A.M.B. and she's hoping the new designs will be her biggest hit to date.

“It’s something that you wouldn’t find everywhere,” she tells People “They still have that edgy, weird ‘Where did you get those?’ vibe.”

The blonde beauty is hoping the items turn Oprah's head, revealing she is in awe of the media mogul's eyewear choices.

"She’s definitely a queen, and the queen of eyewear,” the former No Doubt singer shares. “She knows how to do it, because she doesn’t stick to one look, and she’s always mixing it up, but she’s bold.”

"She’s a perfect example of somebody that wears eyewear that reflects who she is. She’s not just one thing. She’s all those versions, and so I think she’s a really good person to... I need to send her some glasses."

The 49 year old launched the accessories line in 2016 and admits her passion for the designs has been a large part of her creative process.

"I’ve always been a sunglasses junkie, and I’ve been so blessed because through the years, I’ve had so many amazing designers send me sunglasses," she says. "For whatever reason, people see me as a person that would wear anything, so I’ve always had the craziest glasses."

Stefani now truly appreciates eyewear, revealing she was once put off by the fact she had to wear glasses due to poor sight.

"I feel like probably how everyone else feels (sic)," she says. "I feel like I don’t want to wear them because I have to wear them, you know what I mean? But being able to design them and mix in my passion for fashion has changed that."