Article Dec 03, 2016

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Handymen save Sarah Michelle Gellar from Thanksgiving emergency

Sarah Michelle Gellar thanked some kindly repairmen for saving her Thanksgiving by fixing her faulty fridge.

The Buffy the Vampire Slayer star, 39, saw her preparations for Thursday's (24Nov16) holiday go awry when her refrigerator broke down the night before the big day.

However Sarah, who is now a baking entrepreneur as well as an actress, found some helpful handymen who went out of their way to ensure that her family's Thanksgiving meal could go ahead as planned.

"I am grateful to the fridge repairmen that showed up at 8pm tonight and stayed till 945 to fix our fridge before #Thanksgiving #grateful," she wrote on Twitter.

With her fridge back in action, the star, husband Freddie Prinze Jr. and their two children Charlotte Grace, seven, and Rocky James, four, will be able to enjoy their Thanksgiving feast like millions of other Americans.

Sarah clearly enjoys being a domestic goddess, as last year she launched Foodstirs, her own brand of baking kits for children and next year (17) is releasing a cookbook she is co-authoring with designer Gia Russo.

Culinary expertise seems to run in the family, as Freddie, 40, has also released his own recipe book and says the couple's seven-year-old daughter is already a skilled chef.

"My daughter crushes it in the kitchen," he told U.S. cooking show The Chew earlier this year. "She can make Korean beef by herself. All I do is mess with the fire, because these fingers have been burned so many times it just doesn't hurt... but everything else she does."