Article Oct 19, 2016

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Hilary Swank debuts athleisure clothing collection

Actress Hilary Swank is diving into the athleisure clothing industry by launching her own line of sporty fashions.

The Million Dollar Baby star has unveiled Mission Statement, a collection two years in the making, which features everything from sports bras to dresses, jackets, and pants, all made with moisture-wicking fabrics.

"I've had this idea percolating and evolving in my mind for a while, but I have only been actively working on it for the past few years," she tells "I didn't want to approach this as a hobby or side project. For me, this was just a natural extension of my own approach to life and then also realizing I wasn't alone in this desire to have clothing that transitioned naturally from my workouts into my day. Every piece that was designed has a very specific function but allows for that seamless transition. The entire line is designed around this premise."

Describing the collection as a mix of "high performance and high fashion", Swank admits the name Mission Statement is "intended to be taken literally".

She says, "'What's your Mission Statement?' The underlying purpose in creating the line was to pay homage to women who have extraordinary ideas, ambition, focus and a love for living a full, authentic life. With that in mind, I wanted to design versatile clothing for women who live by this same mantra every day."

The actress, 42, continues, "I believe it's important for the modern woman to have clothes that can be multi-faceted and transitional. I see that women want, and frankly need, the ability to be able to go from exercising straight into their day, to segue into business meetings, dropping the kids at school, running errands and more. In looking for this myself, I couldn't find something that served me in all of those areas without looking like I was in workout clothes, so I set out to design it!"

While Swank may not have found anything to meet her needs at the start of the project, she is not the first celebrity to launch her own athleisure collection - Beyonce debuted her Ivy Park range, made in collaboration with TopShop boss Sir Philip Green, in March (16).