Article Nov 19, 2016

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Idris Elba to star in and produce short film series

Idris Elba is set to star and produce in a series of short films made by new writers for BBC Three.

The Wire actor and his production company Green Door Pictures have teamed up with BBC Studios to produce a series of five films, which last five minutes each, and have been written by new writers and will showcase new actors alongside established ones.

Idris was pictured on the set of the show, called Five by Five, during its one-week shoot in London and he is due to star in it with actors such as Georgina Campbell, from Murdered by My Boyfriend, Ruth Madeley from Don’t Take My Baby, Sope Dirisu from Humans and Attack the Block's Michael Ajao.

“I have spent time with these five talented writers and observed their storylining process," Idris said in a statement. "The scripts are uplifting and incredible, and with this group of young actors now attached to star, BBC Three viewers are in for an absolute blast. I couldn’t be prouder of what they have achieved."

The five standalone films will revolve around "the chance encounters people face which question identity and change perception" and will all be set in London, according to the BBC.

The BBC's Cat Jones acts as lead writer alongside new writers Lee Coan, Namsi Khan, Selina Lim and Nathaniel Price and they will be directed by Kate Herron.

“This BBC Three collaboration with Idris and Green Door gives opportunities to some of the best and brightest new talent to work with some of the biggest and most established talent around," BBC Three Controller Damian Kavanagh said. "It's a win win for everyone involved and I'm delighted BBC Three can be part of something like this.”

This isn't the first time Idris has used his production company to help U.K. talent - he launched a screenwriting competition with Lionsgate U.K. earlier this year (16).