Article Dec 14, 2016

You are no longer passing

Isabella Rosselini busy again after 20-year movie lull

Veteran actress Isabella Rosselini is happy to be working again after finding she was no longer in demand in Hollywood.

The Blue Velvet star reveals her mother, Ingrid Bergman, told her she would struggle to find good roles after she turned 45 - and the career premonition came true.

But Bergman also told her daughter to hang on in there, because the roles would return once she hit 60.

"I'm 64 and about two years ago I started to work again a lot," she tells Access Hollywood Live. "I did Joy, I did (new TV drama) Shut Eye, I did another television series in Europe. In the last year and a half, I've been working very much and I thought, 'What happened?'

"Was my mama right? She said between 45 and 60, there's very little roles and then they will come back again."

And Isabella understands why middle-aged women struggle to find work in Hollywood: "She (Bergman) said, 'When you're about 45, you can't really play the ingenue, the woman that is married with babies, and then you're not old enough... You're somewhere in between.

"And then, when you become older, there's many more roles - the grandmother, the witch, the nasty (villain)."

In her latest role in drama Shut Eye, she plays an evil fortune teller, and she loves the new role.

"I play the nastiest character," she chuckles. "I am the godmother of a racket of psychics... I'm the Don Corleone... It was fun when I read the script. I thought, 'That's fascinating. How interesting it is'."