Article Dec 26, 2016

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Jada Pinkett Smith seeks out winter wonderlands for a white Christmas

Jada Pinkett Smith is always guaranteed a white Christmas because she researches family vacation spots with the heaviest snowfall weeks in advance.

The Matrix Reloaded star's husband, Will Smith, reveals the actress is obsessed with the festive holiday so he and their two kids, Jaden and Willow, always just go along with mom's wishes.

"Christmas is Jada-time in our house!" he laughed on breakfast show Good Morning America. "She sacrifices for everybody else all year long, and then on Christmas everybody does exactly whatever mommy wants to do for Christmas.

"It's the time of year that is (the) most beautiful family (time) for her, so probably in October, she starts looking at where the most snowfall in America is, and she's like, 'That's where we goin'! We goin' there (sic)!'"

But snow isn't Jada's only requirement at Christmas.

"She loves to have a white Christmas and she loves to do the one-horse open sleigh," he shared, "so it's always hard (to find a place to do that)."

Meanwhile, Will confesses he isn't big on giving presents over the winter holiday, because he prefers to surprise his loved ones at different times during the year.

"I'm pretty good (at gift giving)," he boasted. "But what I do is, you can't wait 'til the holidays to give gifts 'cause then when everybody's expecting it, it's harder to (please). So I'm the guy who, I'll come home in October and I'll say, 'Everybody, today it's Christmas', and I have gifts for everybody, and you do that 'cause the surprise aspect of it is what's (great)."