Article Oct 21, 2016

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James Franco: 'Keegan Allen stuffed his pants for King Cobra scenes'

James Franco has accused his King Cobra co-star Keegan Allen of stuffing his Speedo swimming trunks onset to make his package look bigger than it is.

The 127 Hours actor produces and stars in the new biopic, about the 2007 murder of gay porn filmmaker Bryan Kocis, who was reportedly stabbed 28 times and set alight by escorts Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes.

Christian Slater portrays the Kocis character, who is renamed Stephen in the film, with Allen playing Harlow and Franco as Joseph.

Many of the early scenes in the movie feature Allen and Franco's characters wearing very little as they hit the gym and hit sunbeds for tanning sessions, and the Oscar nominee reveals the tan wasn't the only fake thing about those shoots.

"Our guys (characters) are... shop, gym, tan (fanatics), that's all our characters do," he explained on breakfast show Today. "A lot of our scenes are where we're lifting weights, tanning when we're in skimpy Speedos. I had no problem with it.

"My only problem with doing it was - I'm gonna bust him a little bit - Keegan stuffed his Speedos so big!"

James claims he wasn't the only person to notice Keegan's sneaky move, as it also caught a number of other cast and crew members off-guard.

"Everyone who came on set was like, 'What?' (doing a double take)," he laughed. "Look at the movie, he's got the biggest bulge, and I know for a fact he stuffed it, because when you do a nude scene as a male, often times they'll give you a sock (to cover the penis)... Well, I asked for my sock as we were coming up to do the nude scene... and they're like, 'No, Keegan took all of them!'"

The Pretty Little Liars star has yet to respond to James' comments, but Slater, who served as a guest co-host during Franco's Today show interview, insisted he had no idea because Keegan had brushed him off when he tried to quiz the 27-year-old about his impressive bulge.

Slater quipped, "I asked him! I said, 'Is this all you?' I asked him the question directly! He said, 'Y'know'. He kinda rolled his eyes a little. I had no idea this was going on!"