Article Nov 20, 2016

You are no longer passing

January Jones uses baking soda to sterilize her body

Mad Men actress January Jones is serious about her bath time rituals and mixes sea salt and baking soda to make her feel scrubbed and clean.

The 38-year-old can often be found soaking in her tub when she has free time and when she's feeling particularly filthy, she mixes a pound of salt with a pound of baking soda - a recipe she calls the "kitchen detox" - and adds it to her bathwater.

“I learned about this a few years ago from Dr. Linda Lancaster in Santa Fe, and I do it once or twice a week,” she tells beauty company Violet Grey, stressing the homemade soak extracts toxins from her body.

January makes sure to remain hydrated during and after bath time by drinking a lot of water, but eating meals in a steamy bathroom is not something she recommends doing.

“Don’t even consider eating yesterday’s takeout in the bath - too Bridget Jones for the likes of you and me,” she advises with a smirk.

Having good reading material nearby is also an essential part of her soaking ritual, but don't expect the actress to be catching up on work in the tub.

“I don’t even read magazines or scripts in the bath - they are hard not to get wet,” she shares, before calling attention to her precarious preference for reading from electronic gizmos. “Don’t drop your iPad. I am just naturally really good at not dropping things into the bath, but it’s another reason to keep your gadgets at a healthy distance.”

January has previously spoken about how her five-year-old son Xander has totally switched up her health, beauty, and rejuvenation routine, telling Britain's InStyle magazine in June (16), "I’m much more efficient with my time. Any me-time is spent relaxing in the bath or doing an at-home facial, just because mentally it’s very restful. I’m also pretty good about taking vitamins and natural anti-virals because, since having my son, getting sick is like the worst thing ever.”