Article Nov 27, 2016

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Jasmine Tookes swears by vitamin pills for glowing skin

Jasmine Tookes swears a simple vitamin treatment is the secret behind her healthy glow.

The American model has made headlines recently after it was announced that she has been selected to wear the Bright Night Fantasy Bra at the 2016 Victoria's Secret Show in Paris in December (16).

As she prepares herself for the glitzy event, Jasmine is focusing on getting her complexion and body in peak condition, though she insists that her radiant skin is due to a simple product.

“Vitamin E pills will help moisturize your skin,” she told W magazine. “I pop them open and use them on my face at night when my skin feels really dry.”

The fashionista adds that uses sheet masks and Victoria's Secret Acai Body Oil to care for her skin, as well as Moroccanoil Treatments in order to keep her brunette tresses nice and shiny.

And while she also stops by dermatologist Dr. Simon Ourian for facials from time to time, Jasmine notes her top beauty tip is actually very simple one.

“My mom taught me to always curl my eyelashes when I started modelling,” she shared, adding that when it comes to make-up she has some favorite go-to products. “Becca Cosmetics highlight powder. I also really love the Anastasia eye shadow palette that just came out.”

By wearing the $3 million (£2.4 million) emerald and diamond encrusted bra for the lingerie giant, Jasmine will join a lengthy list of supermodels such as Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum and Gisele Bundchen, who have all sported the custom creation in past presentations.

Accordingly, the rising star is regularly heading to New York's Dogpound gym for sweat sessions with trainer Kirk Myers. But she’s always careful to refuel with something healthy, such as Isopure protein shakes or “something fruity.”