Article Dec 14, 2016

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Jeffrey Dean Morgan's son terrified chickens with Negan act

Jeffrey Dean Morgan's six-year-old son gave the actor a real fright after trying to recreate a scene as his The Walking Dead villain Negan in the family's chicken coop.

The Watchmen star portrays the baseball bat-wielding baddie in the hit zombie drama, and while his boy Gus is too young to watch the show, he got the gist of his dad's key scene in the recent season seven premiere from watching adverts and promotional material on TV.

Jeffrey reveals Gus has since adopted Negan's signature leather coat and black jeans look for his everyday attire, but the actor feared his boy had gone too far in following in his dad's TV footsteps one day after taking a baseball bat into the coop on their New York farm.

"The other day, he was outside with me and we were (playing) around, and I lost him," Jeffrey began, during an appearance on cooking show The Chew. "I looked around, I'm like, 'Where did he go?' And sometimes he locks himself in the chicken coop and has conversations with the chickens, like, literally, he just goes in there and chats...!

"He comes scrambling out of the chicken coop in full Negan garb with the baseball bat in his hand, and he goes, 'Dad, I was playing Negan with the hens and I was doing 'Eeny, meeny, miny, moe...''," recalled the actor, who, as Negan, used the children's counting rhyme to decide which of the two The Walking Dead characters he would beat to death on the show.

Fearing the worst, Jeffrey continued, "I'm like, 'Uh oh - did you hit the chickens?', as I'm running to the chicken coop as fast as I can, expecting to see feathers and blood. He's like, 'No, I just knocked them off their perch... Just gave them a little poke!'"

Gus's mom is former One Tree Hill star Hilarie Burton. She and Jeffrey got together in 2009, and Hilarie gave birth to the couple's son, whose full name is Augustus, in 2010. Though the pair started referring to each other as husband and wife in 2014, neither Jeffrey, 50, nor Hilarie, 34, has ever confirmed details of their wedding.